The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is one of the largest museums in Greece and the central museum of northern Greece. All visitors are welcome to experience its unique collections of ancient artefacts as well as its rich and extrovert cultural activities.

Government decision

By November 1st 2019, the fee for visiting organized archaeological sites, historical sites, monuments and museums and the criteria for exemption are changed

Exhibit of the month

Marble head of the god Helios (Sun)

The marble head of the god Helios (Polygyros Archaeological Museum, inv. no. ΜΠ 1965) was found in the sanctuary of Apollo Helios in Sani, in the region of modern-day Trypiti.

Μαρμάρινη κεφαλή του θεού Ήλιου, Σάνη, τέλη 4ου - αρχές 3ου αι. π.Χ. © ΥΠΠΟΑ ΕΦΑ Χαλκιδικής & Αγίου Όρους